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Vita Hot Tubs

Our range of hot tubs and swim spas have been carefully chosen by us! As an independent distributor we’re not affiliated to any one manufacturer, this means we have a choice! One that guarantees value, specification and above all it meets our 1 Stop Shop principle!

We offer hot tubs and swim spas for all price points, whatever your needs, however much your budget.. we have it covered and all hot tubs and swim spas have a lifetime warranty (subject to annual inspection), this translates to complete peace of mind!

Vita Tunes & Surround Sound

One of the best ways of enhancing your hot tub experience is to add a sound system to your spa.

Whether you want a full on party sound or a soothing background melody, Vita Spas offers a great surround sound system to compliment the moment. All our systems use a 150wSub Woofer mounted underneath the spa to give it an impressive base quality. You can connect either by the side mounted docking station or via Bluetooth


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