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Seating:          6 - 7

Size:              211cm x 211cm x 96.5cm

Pumps:            3

Jets:                49

Litres:            1105


The Monarque is part of our Best Selling 500 Series and offers a large all seating family party fun tub. Powered by Two 5hp Pumps and a Champagne Air system the Monarque has 52 Stainless Steel Jets + 10 Champagne Air outlets, offering Large Dual Cartridge Filtration, High Efficient Recycled Insulation, Latest Technology M7 Heating, MP3 Music System with Sub-Woofer, LED Waterfall, 4 LED Cup Holders & 12 bright underwater LED lights along with easy to read programmable topside controls.

Layout: The 7ft Monarque gives you multi-levelled barrier free seating, comprising of 4 large and very accommodating corner seats all giving a different deep hydrotherapy massage as well as 3 further seat. The Monarque’s large footwell lets you enjoy powerful foot massage via 4 big jets and the High Valocity Volcano jet.


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