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Swim Spa Specifications

Seating:      2

Size:          5.03m x 2.28m x 1.37m

Pumps:        3

Jets:          15 plus 6 swimjets

Litres:        7382

The XStream Pro, is a 16.5ft spacious Swim Zone plus a duo seater spa. Powered by Three 7hp Pumps the Xstream Pro has a massive swim zone even for the taller swimmer plus a 2 seater spa. It also has large Dual Cartridge Filtration, High Efficient Recycled Insulation, BiOzone Water Management,  Latest Technology M7 Heating, MP3 / Bluetooth Stereo Music System with Sub-Woofer & Shell Speakers,  LED Cup Holders & 20 bright underwater LED lights along with easy to read Deluxe programmable topside controls.


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